Welcome to Central Valley Puppies!


Our family at Central Valley Puppies includes 6 kids and four dogs.  We live in Modesto, California.  We are all very involved in the lives of our pets and we believe in making our dogs a part of our family with constant interaction, companionship and love. We advocate only responsible breeding and care for all pets. Having a pet is a  responsibility and should be considered a major decision in your life. 

After learning about Bulldogs, we decided that having one would be a great addition to our family. We got our Abigail about 5 years ago and have absolutely fallen in love with her and English Bulldogs!! She is funny and loving. Not a fan of water...could have been due to mommy trying to make her swim in the ocean at 4 months old...wiggles her whole body when she says "hi!". We are thrilled to have her and also to be a part of bringing more of these wonderful puppies into the world. About a year ago, we got our second bulldog...Fozzie Bear! Fozzie is an awesome dog. He has a great personality and really, really nice conformation. It is our hope that Fozzie will contribute to the improvement of the English Bulldog breed! 


At central Valley Puppies, our dogs are raised with "calm, assertive energy"... and are given the proper place in our home so that they feel safe, balanced and loved. Our puppies will be raised the same way for the two months that they are with us, and when they are ready to go to their new home, they will be well socialized and ready to be accepted into their new family.       

We feel very strongly about breeding for the love of the breed and for trying to improve it! We did not go into this adventure without a lot of consideration and information gathering. We have taken the steps necessary to ensure that we are promoting the betterment of the English Bulldog breed and that our Central Valley Puppies will be a wonderful addition to every family they end up with. We have been so thrilled with our experience of owning such a wonderful Bulldog and our goal is to share this experience with other families.

Each breed has positive and negative traits when fitting in with the lifestyles of the humans that take them home. It is important that you spend the time to learn what those breed traits are and be certain that they fit you and your family's lifestyle. Yes many breeds are cute, or strong, or brave, but the only way we all can be sure that more dogs don't end up in a shelter, unwanted, is to be sure we make the right decision to start with.